Yorkshire man who says pronouns are for snowflakes furious to be mistaken for Lancastrian

A YORKSHIRE man who thinks anyone specifying pronouns is a ‘snowflake’ is seething after being thought to be from Lancashire.

Bill McKay, aged 52, ridiculed his daughter for adding her preferred pronouns to her email signature but was distraught after a man in a shop commented on his ‘Lancastrian twang’.

McKay said: “Being from Bradford is who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. How couldn’t he understand how hurtful it is for me to be denied my own identity?

“It’s not even that he was ignorant. He just didn’t want to make the effort to consider my feelings. I know it doesn’t affect him but a bit of respect for who I am would just be common decency.”

McKay’s daughter Helen tried to point out the parallels of their situations but was swiftly shot down and told she was talking out of her arse.

McKay added: “It’s completely different. That’s just lefty nonsense, whereas having a massive chip on my shoulder about which side of a county border I happened to be born on is incredibly important.”

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Six movie villains who we judged too harshly

AS the Cruella de Vil origin story hits the big screen, here are some other film villains who were misjudged rather than evil:

Miss Hannigan from Annie

Surrounded by boisterous seven year-olds without recourse to iPhones or episodes of Teen Titans Go!, who wouldn’t turn to booze and staggering around in a feather boa? Also, an unrecognised trailblazer of the small-batch artisan gin industry.

The Wicked Queen from Snow White

Tormented by a mirror and confronted constantly with a society that only values younger women, the Wicked Queen just needed a few cheerful girlfriends and a gung-ho webinar about dealing with the menopause.

The Joker from Batman

Nowadays if you’re bad at applying make-up, you have YouTube. The Joker didn’t have a Kardashian role model, or know anything about contouring. No wonder he wanted to watch the world burn.

Darth Vader from Star Wars

Struggling with chronic pain and respiratory illness while trying to hold down a job as chief enforcer for the Galactic Empire would make anyone want to telekinetically choke their annoying colleagues. Darth Vader deserves sympathy, not judgement.

Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter

Dealing with the endless bleating of privileged youth at a posh boarding school is enough to drive anyone to distraction, but imagine doing it while your soul is scattered across eight different locations. It would be like being a teacher after a very heavy weekend.

Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal

An early adopter of the sophisticated food/wine pairing, was Lecter really that different to Heston Blumenthal? OK, there was the murdering and sadism, but he was probably just annoyed that Waitrose hadn’t given him his own food range.