Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Yorkshireman more than happy for you to correct his English

A YORKSHIREMAN has confirmed he has no problem with anyone translating his sentences into Southerner-approved English. 

Martin Bishop, from Halifax, believes that anyone taking the trouble to correct his strong regional dialect is not offending him in the least and is actually performing a valuable public service.

He said: “If I say ‘Chuffin’ roasting out there’ and a colleague steps in to say ‘I think you mean to say that the weather is very hot’, I thank them profusely.

“Or if I greet someone at the bar with ‘Ey up’ and the barman says ‘You probably mean ‘hello’, I know he’s only trying to help so I respond by giving him an extra-large tip.

“Though when I said ‘Appen ruddy whippet’s took me cap down t’ ginnel’ my friends from more sophisticated climes just told me to be quiet, which I did. The last thing I’d want is to confuse people.”

He added: “No, I don’t mind being corrected, mocked, none of it. As long as nobody tries to borrow any f**king money.”