Iraq report could be damaged by frost, claims Chilcot

IF the Chilcot report into the Iraq War is released before the general election it could be killed by a late frost, it has been claimed.

Inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot revealed that, following advice from the country’s top gardeners, the report had to be kept in a box until ground temperatures had risen sufficiently.

He said: “If I release it before the middle of May it could die. Or I could die. What I’m saying is that something could definitely die.”

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh added: “There’s a difference of opinion about whether politically sensitive reports about wars need lots of darkness or lots of light.

“My view is they should be pruned heavily and then buried inside a south facing wall.

“But then again, I do actually work for MI6. The gardening’s just a front.

“I could kill you with this trowel and make it look like an accident.”