Email sent at 3am offers terrifying glimpse into boss’s home life

A LATE-NIGHT email has given office staff a disturbing hint of what their boss’s personal life is like.

Senior manager Tom Booker, 53, messaged his entire office with a rambling missive that has caused serious concern, particularly the attached selfie which suggests he is not wearing trousers.

Employee Nikki Hollis said: “This was a cry for help, albeit one including a detailed explanation of why we need a new holiday booking system.

“We joke about Tom being a workaholic because he’s sent emails at 9pm before. But it’s less funny when you get a deranged epic at 3.22am implying his wife has left him or he’s got a serious drink problem, or both.

“As Tom puts it: ‘You are best team YES what is life is WHAT do women want??? ENLIGHTEN ME!!! sorry had caps lock on Holiday forms ideally with one month’s notice as of now ploose.’”

However Booker said: “Emailing colleagues while enjoying a few glasses of Scotch and leaving phone messages for my wife is just a multi-tasking thing us high-powered bosses do.

“The selfie was merely a light-hearted comment on how the fast-moving modern business world often leaves you without time to put on trousers.”