Poem about Jeremy Corbyn may be shittest thing ever

A WOMAN’S poem praising Jeremy Corbyn may be the most horrendous thing ever to exist.

Momentum member Nikki Hollis, 25, wrote the appalling poem, entitled ‘Simply the Jez’, and posted it on various websites where, bizarrely, some people appeared to like it.

Friend Tom Logan said: “It’s like something an 11-year-old girl would write about One Direction, except it would be less creepy if it was about Harry Styles instead of an ageing Poundland Trotsky.

“I think the worst bit was: ‘Life without you my Jeremy would be totally unthinkable, / Come on baby hit me with your deeply held socialist principles.’

“No, this bit was more rancid: ‘Your eyes are full of wisdom, your voice sings out with rhythm, / I don’t think you’ve really got, / A problem with antisemitism.’

“It doesn’t even scan properly, although obviously there are deeper problems with a piece of verse that makes you feel physically sick when reading it.”

However Hollis defended the poem: “It rhymes, therefore it’s poetry. Also it’s a free country. I can call Jeremy ‘the Gandalf of my girlish heart’ if I want to.”