Blair unhinged, say lots of people who agreed with him at the time

TONY Blair is off his nut, according to people who thought the invasion of Iraq was a brilliant idea.

The former prime minister insisted the latest sectarian carnage was not connected to the overthrow of Saddam, prompting London mayor Boris Johnson to say that it obviously was, but there was no way he could possibly have known what would happen when he was encouraging Tony Blair in 2003.

Psychiatrist, Dr Martin Bishop, said: “While realising your mistakes is mentally healthy, let’s remember there were lots of people who said that invading Iraq would be an utterly insane thing to do.

“Many of them were clever academics with the word ‘Iraq’ in their job title.

“But they were ignored. By Tony Blair, obviously, but he’s been completely out of his mind since at least 1994. Seriously, watch those old Labour conference speeches. Jesus.

“But they were also ignored by John Prescott and Malcolm Rifkind and Boris Johnson. And that was fucking demented. D’you see?”

Julian Cook, the former professor of Iraqi Studies at Edinburgh University, said: “The reason I’m the former professor of Iraqi studies is that in 2003 I bet my house that all of this would definitely happen.

“Now I divide my time between Barbados and Saint Tropez.”

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Non-shifty Blair photo 'does not exist'

RESEARCHERS have admitted defeat in the search for a picture of Tony Blair looking trustworthy.

Newspaper picture editor Tom Logan said: “I’ve spent weeks looking for a photo to illustrate a piece about Blair’s rumoured ‘human side’.

“The problem is his eyes, which positively burn with insincerity. But you wouldn’t trust his face either. Or his hair.”

Image manipulation expert Nikki Hollis said: “Even digital techniques cannot make Blair look like a good person.

“Maybe if Photoshop had a function called ‘Remove Sleaziness’.”