Britain needs an anti-Brexit centrist party, says politician studiously ignoring the Lib Dems

UK voters desperately want a pro-European party with sensible centrist policies, according to a politician determined to ignore the existence of the Lib Dems. 

James Chapman, former chief of staff to David Davis, told media that the public would overwhelmingly back a party opposed to both Brexit and extremism while pretending he had never heard of Vince Cable.

He continued: “There’s a huge appetite for an alternative to either Labour or the Tories, a third party that can capture those voters crying out for moderation.

“A party that offers a clear alternative on Brexit, such as the promise of a second referendum, would be guaranteed to capture at least 48 per cent of the vote nationally. That’s simply fact.

“My new centrist party, which would emphasise British values of liberalism and democracy and probably have neutral orange branding, would rocket to victory and smash the two-party system once and for all.”

Mary Fisher of Bath said: “A party like that would definitely get my vote. Around here there’s no-one to vote for but the bloody Lib Dems.”