Farage cackling maniacally in front of bonfire

NIGEL Farage has been laughing maniacally in front of an enormous fire for the last 18 hours.

After confirming his hope that the Pound becomes worthless after Brexit, the bulbous UKIP leader started giggling uncontrollably and has shown no sign of stopping.

A UKIP spokesman said: “We waved a pint of bitter under his nose but he just carried on staring into the depths of the inferno, mirthlessly tittering as the flames danced in the inky voids of his eyes.”

Meanwhile, Farage’s neighbours have complained to the council about the fact their dogs are continually howling at the sound of him but have been told that bone-chilling laughter is not a statutory noise nuisance.

The spokesman added: “Eventually we just threw a blanket over his head, like you do to make your budgie sleep. But he’s still cackling away.”