Farage campaigning to rejoin EU just to be a pain in the arse

NIGEL Farage is campaigning against Brexit just to be a total pain in the arse.

Despite the change in stance, Farage promised to continue using familiar tactics such as stirring up prejudice and talking bullshit so that he still gets to go on television.

He said: “I feel it’s my duty to continue being the centre of attention and keep drinking beer during the day.

“Did you know leaving the EU will cost us £123,456 trillion pounds a minute? I would give that to the donkey sanctuaries and lame children.

“Ask yourself this – who would you rather live next door to, a polite, hardworking Polish couple or a family of British fatties whose only ambitions are petty crime and spending their dole money at Greggs?”

He added: “I promise to keep being handsome and daringly politically incorrect, regardless of what politics are considered correct.”

Farage supporter Roy Hobbs said: “To be honest I don’t mind being pro-Europe. I only joined UKIP so I wouldn’t have to sit on my own in the pub.”