Farage says Carswell has ‘never really let the hate flow through him’

NIGEL Farage has accused UKIP MP Douglas Carswell of betraying the party ‘by not letting the hate flow through him’.

The former UKIP leader said Carswell had become ‘all soft and effeminate’ on immigration and ‘could never truly understand the ancient power of xenophobia’.

He added: “Carswell has become infected with sentiment. He sees foreigners as humans. If you want to be in UKIP, you have to let the hate flow through you properly. You can’t half-arse it, you have to see it as your destiny.

“Anyway, I’m not about to let him pick me up and throw me over a banister.”

Farage then sent Carswell a message on his mobile saying, ‘Oh and by the way… you will DIE’.

Carswell responded: “You are a very strange little man.”