Gunge Tank on Noel’s House Party was also liberal intolerance, Farage confirms

NIGEL Farage has confirmed that the Gunge Tank on Noel’s House Party was also an example of radical Remainers exercising liberal intolerance. 

The Brexit Party leader, who was recently hit with a £5.25 Five Guys banana milkshake and was not even grateful, blamed the 1990s show for legitimising political extremism.

He said: “Look at the people who were gunged. Mr Motivator, Pat Sharp, Edwina Currie, Jeremy Clarkson, it’s a who’s who of true patriots.

“They’d never have gunged Billy Bragg or Stephen Hawking or any of those other lefties. They didn’t even humiliate them with a Gotcha Oscar. No, only future Brexit voters, targeted to demean them in the eyes of the public.

“And so we can draw a clear line from this BBC Saturday night Marxism to the disgraceful assault on my own person, no doubt considered just family fun by a deluded perpetrator raised on the spectacle of ‘harmless’ gungings.

“This is liberal fascism, plain and simple. The moral duty to vote for the Brexit Party has never been stronger.”

House Party star Mr Blobby replied: “Blobby. Blobby, blobby blobby. Blobby blobby.”