Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Useless MPs fail to do in two days what government hasn't managed in three years

INEFFECTUAL MPs have been condemned for their failure to come up with a Brexit solution in two days by a government that has not done so in three years. 

Of the four possible solutions considered by the Commons yesterday one lost by three votes, one by 12 votes and a third by 21 votes, earning MPs mockery for being unable to pass a simple solution even on the second try.

Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom said: “Well, you had your chance. And you fluffed it.

“Hard to believe that between 650 of you, minus the Cabinet who we wouldn’t let vote in case it pushed one of the options over the line, you couldn’t come up with anything. Not so clever now, eh?

“Told you this was hard. Theresa’s worked very hard on her deal which you’ve kept throwing back in her face but give you a go and what do you come up with? Nothing.

“So, since we’ve proved once and for all that no other deal can work, it’s time to swallow your pride and back the only deal that everyone can agree on. Theresa’s deal.”

Julian Cook, member for Hazel Grove, said: “If it can’t be done in two whole days, it can’t be done. Simple as that.”