Man thinks of most stupid thing possible and realises it will be government’s next move

A MAN who came up with the most idiotic possible way out of the Brexit crisis has realised it will without doubt be what the government does next. 

Tom Booker was discussing Brexit in the pub with friends when he said that Theresa May would probably agree to a second referendum but the only options will be her deal or no deal. 

He added: “I said it like it was funny, but when I looked around for laughter there was none. Only sombre men staring into their pints. 

“I realised then – as they already had – that what I had suggested was embarrassingly moronic, doomed to failure from the outset and deeply shameful to any practicing democracy, so it would undoubtedly be the government’s next course. 

“Plans are, I’m sure, already being prepared in Whitehall by civil servants unable to believe they are doing this shit. The few rational members of the Cabinet are going home and swigging whisky from the bottle and refusing to tell their partners why.

“I’m alternately ashamed of myself for coming up with it, even as a joke, and wondering how I turn my imbecility into government cheddar. Maybe a think-tank?”