We thought Brexit was a type of wafer biscuit, admit pensioners

ELDERLY ‘Leave’ voters have admitted they thought Brexit was a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit.

As Brexit negotiations continue to falter, pensioners confessed that they may have accidentally sealed Britain’s fate by voting for a new type of individually-wrapped snack bar.

83-year-old Roy Hobbs said: “I live alone and biscuits are a big part of my life, especially Penguins and Kit Kats.

“I thought a Brexit was probably something like an Orange Club crossed with the sadly defunct Jacob’s Trio bar, so when they asked ‘do you want this?’ I naturally said yes.”

88-year-old retired headteacher Margaret Gerving said: “I don’t long for the return of pre-war Britain, but I do want to see Blue Riband bars brought back. I thought a Brexit would be a similar type of no-frills brown oblong sold in packets of six.”

She said: “I don’t care about immigration, I just want biscuit bars that can removed from their packaging and pointlessly displayed on a plate, and to stop cats coming in my garden.”