Wednesday, 28th October 2020

England women's success 'proof of positive discrimination'

THE England women’s team’s progression to the semi-final is proof that men are the real victims of sexism now, according to idiots. 

Wayne Hayes of Barnsley claims the Lionesses would never have made it that far if not for positive discrimination, and that it proves women are being given an unfair advantage.

He continued: “Yet again we see women getting promoted over men. Why is it that Lucy Bronze gets to play right-back at an international level while I have to drive for Yodel?

“The fact that there are 11 players on the team, all women, is just ridiculous. Anyone who can’t see the bias here is kidding themselves.

“It’s reverse sexism. Women get all the good jobs now like ‘World Cup semi-finalists’.

“Admittedly the men did get that far but only after years of working for it, whereas women’s football only started at the beginning of last month and they’re almost handing out cups already. It’s a joke.”

Hayes has previously argued that women do not get equal treatment while driving because he was given a three-month ban for refusing a breathalyser test.