It’s okay to lose as long as you try your very best, fans assure England

ENGLAND fans have reassured the World Cup squad that they will still be just as proud if they win or lose as long as they try their hardest. 

The team have been told not to be nervous, that they are to enjoy themselves and that we will still love them just as much even if they lose six-nil.

Fan Nathan Muir said: “Hey. Hey. You’re my superstars just for making it this far, alright? Don’t go getting yourselves all worked up.

“It’s not about winning. What I want is for you to go out there and do as well as I know you can and show everyone how hard you’ve practised.

“We’re still going out for your special treat after this whatever the result is. All I want is for you to do your absolute best right to the end of the game, and not be looking at me mouthing ‘I’m bored.’

“Go on. Good lads. Your country loves you very, very much.”

Muir could later be seen screaming “Fucking kick it in the fucking goal, you useless fucking bastards!” while red-faced and furious.