Man with £1 Leicester City bet reckons he’s clever

A STUPID man reckons he is some kind of god based on a frivolous bet.

Martin Bishop, 29, put £1 down on Leicester City to win the league at odds of 5000/1.

He said: “It wasn’t instinct, it was more of a calculated decision.

“It was the same kind of calculated decision that has led me to lose around £10,000 in similar novelty bets that invariably turn out to be a waste of time and money, but I had that feeling nonetheless.

“I’m not a genius by any stretch, but I am very, very smart to have done this.”

Bishop’s wife said: “He’s also put down quids on them finding the Loch Ness monster, aliens landing in Times Square and Amanda Holden giving birth to a Komodo dragon.

“Whatever happens I have a feeling we’re still going to end up living in my father’s car on a recreation ground.”