Mark Lawrenson starts saying ‘Waazzzuuppp’

BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has discovered the world of late 20th Century catchphrases.

Lawrenson, who around 2001 started using the word ‘not’ at the end of sentences for deadpan, ironic effect, decided the time was right for an even more futuristic gambit.

After toying with phrases such as ‘It’s Hammer time’ and ‘No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there’s no limits’, he settled on ‘Waazzzuppp’ after he spotted it on in the adverts on a VHS movie hired from his local cornershop.

Lawrenson said: “The great thing about this phrase, and I’m amazed no one has picked up on it, is that it has multiple applications.

“You could say, ‘Waazzzuuppp? Wayne Rooney’s chances of being selected for England are in the balance what with younger guns like Jamie Vardy coming through’.

“Or you could say, ‘Waazzzuuppp?’ for no reason whatsoever and leave it hanging in the air in the hope that your co-commentator would chuckle appreciatively and give you a high five.”

He added: “I’m prepared to move with the times. What I’m not prepared to do is part my hair at the sides rather than the centre.  I am not Simon Le Bon.”