Sober horses ruin massive piss-up

REVELLERS at the Cheltenham Festival have complained that horses are getting in the way of their drinking.

Men in salmon-coloured shirts have reported that their enjoyment of beer and spirits was jeopardised by large animals with people on their backs.

Punter Tom Logan said: “The horses make it harder to get to the bar. I tried stumbling across the track earlier to visit the Guinness truck and nearly got trampled.

“We come to Cheltenham for the atmosphere. And by atmosphere we of course mean alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

“Unless they can find a way to incorporate drinking into the races themselves they will always be an inconvenience.”

However, jockeys have defended the decision in the mid-1990s to add a horse racing element to the Cheltenham Festival.

Jockey Wayne Hayes said: “Fortunately we’re all wasted too. As if anybody would do this sober.”