Moyes urged to tone down utter contempt for Sunderland

DAVID Moyes has been urged to tone down his palpable disdain for Sunderland Football Club.

Former Man Utd boss, Moyes has been told that if he could come across ever so slightly less like he hates the club, the city and his place in life then that would be just great.

Sunderland fan Martin Bishop said: “We all hate Sunderland but sometimes you’ve got to just shut up and make the best of your situation. Kinda like what we did after the referendum.”

Moyes said: “I used to be the Man United manager. Then I was living it up in Spain. Oh, beautiful, sunny Spain.

“Now I’m doing this shit. Freezing my arse off and trying to make Victor Anichebe look like he was good value on a Bosman.”

Are you expecting me to be doing cartwheels?”