Conspiracy theorists deny 9-11 anniversary


SEPTEMBER 11th conspiracy theorists have dismissed claims of the terrorist attack’s 10th anniversary.

Turner has written a 1200-page book about how this photograph was faked

The theorists fall into two distinct camps, with one group claiming that 9-11 happened many years ago, possibly as early as 1922, and another group claiming the event happened in 2007.

Conspiracy theorist, Joseph Turner, said: “The media have convinced you that this is the 10th anniversary. You need to think for yourself. And anyway, just look at the footage. Those types of airliners weren’t even in use 10 years ago.”

But truth-seeker ‘blackop182’, editor of the ‘Nine-e-Lie-Ven’ blog, insisted the footage of the planes hitting the towers was taken far earlier.

“My guess would be the summer of 1972. It was organised by G. Gordon Liddy and an anti-Castro Cuban operative known only as ‘El Pequeno’.

“Also the dating here relies on the Julian calendar, which didn’t come into effect until 2005.

“Also there’s no way they could have destroyed the World Trade Centre, because there’s no World Trade Centre in New York. If there is then show it to me.”

He added: “Basically, saying it happened 10 years ago is a ridiculous anachronism. Like saying Jesus Christ rode around on a Triceratops.

“Actually, not that, because I believe Jesus actually did that. Something else.”


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