Ask Holly: My poor wife has been robbed and now I am truly narked

Dear Holly,

I’m really, really, really cross. I am hopping mad. My poor wife has been held up at gunpoint and robbed and now I am truly narked. I am going to find those French nincompoops and give them one of my shattering death stares and then do an angry rap all up in their face whilst dressed entirely in beige. NO-ONE MAKES KANYE LOOK STUPID EXCEPT KANYE! 



Dear Kanye,

Have you ever tried mindfulness to help you calm down? My mummy has started doing mindfulness to help her manage her dreadful mummy-rage. It’s really good: instead of going mental when we leave dirty dishes and clothes lying about, now she just smiles sweetly and colours in a picture of a peacock in her adult colouring book. This is good news for me because I’ve just remembered I left my used swimming kit and a half eaten apple under my bed six months ago and I need it for school tomorrow. 

Hope that helps,