I’m astonished that I’m getting called a racist

Dear Holly,

I’m really astonished that I’m getting loads of flack for being a racist, when I am nothing of the sort. I’m 63 years old and us oldies have our own phraseology which, now and again may mean we sound like we’re mocking ethnic groups and being derogatory about women but this was the norm when I was a boy. I’m too old to bother with all this new-fangled PC nonsense you young’uns go in for which involves not being a xenophobic bastard. 



holly2111111Dear Godfrey,

Were you in Mrs Mackie’s geography class too? In that case it’s no wonder your geographical knowledge is a little shaky. What do teachers expect when they do daft things like giving children access to the internet to look up land reclamation patterns in East Lincolnshire on Google Earth? The temptation to troll Mary Beard’s Twitter account is much too strong for any of us to be concentrating on the intricacies of fenland drainage.

Hope that helps!