How to make a delicious Italian recipe while rubbing your nose in my fantastic lifestyle

By broadsheet cookery writer Donna Sheridan

AS a food writer I like to think I’m not just passing on great recipes that are ‘doable’ for the reader, but also giving them a glimpse of my fantastic life that contrasts painfully with your own dire existence.

In this column I’ll be explaining a simple but delicious Italian dish, while tossing in the odd aside like the fact that we have a boathouse.

My lamb thing is a real family favourite and my son Alfie always insists on it when he’s down from Oxford, where he is at university. Oxford University. Really it’s just folded-over pizza, but it’s nicer than those Dr Oetker frozen bread discs you’re always buying from the corner shop.

It’s just as good for a proper dinner party, so you needn’t feel embarrassed serving it when your husband invites over colleagues from the successful company he’s in charge of.

Lamb Thing

Minced free-range lamb (get your butcher to give you a discount for being slightly famous)

Some other stuff like pickled courgette flowers that you won’t have or even be able to recognise in a shop

Start by making the dough. You’ll need plenty of space, so I find it’s best to have a kitchen that is bigger than your flat.

Next fry the mince with onion and add rosemary and chilli flakes. (I won’t bother to explain the rest of the recipe because I know you never cook.)

If there’s any left over – which there usually isn’t – I just keep it for a midnight snack in my massive but tasteful German fridge that you can only dream of.