Which terrible BBC dramas are your parents recommending?

WHICH abysmal BBC dramas are your parents most obsessed by? Here are their top picks.

Close Protection

After an hour of dirty bombs and “I want London on lockdown – NOW!” you realise they only watch this because your parents once saw the lead actress in a shop and now it’s like they have a weird spiritual connection. Apparently she’s also in Dead Body Analysis Team which is ‘a bit gory’.

The Peaks

Bland drama set in the Peak District where the main storylines are about divorce, inheritance tax and a man who steals eggs. Your parents watch it with the sound turned down and just look at the scenery.

Crime Web

Deeply unrealistic series about a police unit tackling internet crime. Utterly gripping to your parents because they think computers really can lock you in your house and boil you to death with the central heating.  

Veg Haulers

Gritty ‘contemporary issue’ drama set in the world of supermarket delivery drivers. The edgy realism includes Dennis Waterman smashing up a phone box because he dropped a box of plums.

The Plunketts of Dorsetshire Downs

18th century toss that your dad loves to watch so that he can point out the historical errors, although he is right that kids never actually died of nits like Little Hettie does. Also every character has a dark secret and it is always either that they killed a sailor or used to be a prostitute.