Award-winning nature photograph shows humans having a fight

A STRIKING image of two humans fighting in a nightclub has won a major nature photography award.

Tom Logan won the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year prize for the image entitled Man Sparking Out Other Man in Club Deluxe, Chelmsford.

He said: “It was just one of those magical once-in-a-lifetime moments.

“I was just taking some general shots of provincial nightclub fauna when I noticed a kerfuffle near the VIP champagne bar.

“Two large males were arguing over a female. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of them unleashed a blow.

“From the photo you can see the raw power as fist connects with chin. It was all over in a flash, the bouncers stepped in and bundled them off into the night.

“I just felt humbled to be there, and to witness the noble savagery of nature.”

24-year-old Emma Bradford said: “It’s an amazing image that really stimulates the imagination. You start to wonder how much booze they’d had, who started it and whether it carried on outside.

“The one on the left looks a bit like Bradley Cooper but I don’t think it is.”

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90s generation living through revival of music they hated the first time

A WHOLE generation of music listeners are suffering through the revival of the house music they have already hated once.

Hits by Philip George, David Zowie and Tough Love have left thirtysomethings struggling to comprehend how this could happen again so quickly, much like Europeans at war with Germany in 1939.

Wayne Hayes of Harrogate said: “People criticise Britpop, but they don’t realise it was a necessary colonic irrigation to purge our systems of 90s commercial house and r’n’b.

“Somehow it lay dormant in our systems and was kickstarted by the next Tory recession, once again swamping the charts without even the amusement of watching two panicky white blokes dance around a Korg on Top of the Pops.

“Will it keep recurring? As an old man of 78 will the robots in the care home be wiping my arse to a looped sample of a Jackson Five song over uplifting piano and a breakbeat?”

Hayes’s 58-year-old mother Mary Hayes said: “The poor fool. He thinks it all started with him. He has no idea that he was conceived to disco.”