Breaking Bad spin-off is nature documentary

THE spin-off from hit drama Breaking Bad is a documentary about the flora and fauna of the New Mexico desert, its producers have revealed.

Breaking Badlands, Plains and Mountain-Desert Transition Zones will focus on the cacti, lizards, and coyotes that thrive in the semi-arid environment of the state, occasionally showing Walt or Jesse driving past in the background.

Producer Joseph Turner said: “The beautiful landscapes of New Mexico, from the Blue Range Wilderness to the Gila National Forest, were a key part of the original, and after all that tension and excitement we felt viewers needed a change of pace.

“Focusing initially on a family of white-nosed coati, we’ll watch them play, search for food, and run terrified away from the noise of gunshots at Walt’s RV.

“Later on, a boa constrictor tries to muscle in on their territory and the scene is set for an epic confrontation until they all get poisoned by chemical run-off from the meth-cooking operation and die.

“Then there are two episodes about the lifecycle of the soaptree Yucca.”

The show will run exactly parallel to Breaking Bad, and conclude with Walt’s corpse being dragged into the underbrush and eaten by a pack of Mexican wolves.

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Further arrests in anti-Big Club conspiracy

DOZENS of referees, players and public officials have been rounded up as part of the investigation into a conspiracy against big Premier League clubs.

The probe began amid evidence that the complaints of managers Louis Van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are not pathetic, childish whinging designed to deflect from their own abject failures.

Police now believe there is a concerted plot involving a vast network to ensure that big clubs do not win every single game in which they were involved.

Detective Inspector Tom Booker said: “We found evidence of players trying especially hard when playing against, for example, Chelsea.

“Bradford City in the FA Cup was a particular example. Would Bradford have played like that against Torquay? It is all very fishy.”

Meanwhile, Booker stressed there was no conspiracy against Liverpool because they are just very bad at football.