Friday, 7th May 2021

Cheerful new Sarah Lancashire drama is antidote to Brexit dark times

A NEW and typically upbeat Sarah Lancashire drama, The Accident, will put a smile back on the face of angst-ridden Britain, TV bosses have promised.

The show is in the Sarah Lancashire tradition of jolly, escapist capers such as Happy Valley, a light-hearted romp about suicide, heroin addiction and abduction, and Kiri, involving broken relationships, violent ex-convicts and strangulation. 

As a fatal explosion in a neglected Welsh community leads to grim repercussions, Channel 4 hopes The Accident will be just the cheery respite Britons need with Brexit hanging over them.

TV executive Martin Bishop said: “During World War 2, Arthur Askey lifted the nation’s morale with his catchphrases. During the miners’ strikes of the 70s, Mike Yarwood consoled us with his impersonations of Frank Spencer.

“Today we look to Sarah Lancashire and her wacky, madcap dramas involving bereavement, trauma and unremitting misery in the regions to give us the feel-good boost we could all do with.”

Sarah Lancashire fan Emma Bradford said: “Yay, more Sarah! Bleakness. Murder. Probably a lake with bodies or dark secrets in it. Brexit? I’ve forgotten about it already.”