Elderly man dies after brief bout of amateur dramatics

AN 82-YEAR-OLD man has passed away after a brief bout of amateur dramatics, it has been confirmed.

Norman Steele, who worked most of his life as an engineer, passed away peacefully after three weeks at the Norwich Playhouse as ‘someone’s dad’ in a new play written by one of the local theatre group.

Amateur theatre director Emma Bradford said: “Norman was a great actor and a lovely man.

“I’m rather assuming those things, as he’d only been to a handful of the rehearsals and he seemed more interested in making friends than actually taking on the complexities of this challenging new piece of work.

“He’ll be sorely missed and genuinely quite hard to re-cast at this point. Which is a bit annoying, to be honest.”

Steele’s daughter Donna said: “We had no idea he was even in a local play. Had we known he was at the point, we’d have made more effort to visit him.”