Post-Brexit remake of Fawlty Towers to star idiot English waiter

A REMAKE of Fawlty Towers has been criticised for stereotyping the English as stupid and gormless because they voted for Brexit.

The updated version of the series is set in a Torquay hotel run by Basila, a 36-year-old woman from Barcelona with a first-class degree in management studies who is fluent in four languages, including German.

Her staff includes local Brexiter Manny, an idiot incapable of following simple instructions ‘because he’s from England’.

In the first episode, The Immigration Officers, the hotel is thrown into chaos as Basila is deported back to Spain due to an error by the Home Office, leaving Manny in charge.

Hilarity ensues as Manny insults his German guests by telling them Angela Merkel is the new Hitler, before setting fire to the hotel trying to prepare 20 fried breakfasts, now the only thing on the menu.

Forthcoming storylines include Manny getting into a dispute with some Irish builders which leads to the collapse of the Good Friday Agreement.

In the final episode, Manny is forced to kill and eat his pet rat due to chronic food shortages in all the shops.