Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Family who watched same-sex couple on Strictly now all gay

A FAMILY of four who watched two women doing a dance together on Strictly Come Dancing have confirmed that they all turned into homosexuals immediately afterwards.

Martin and Nikki Bishop, and their children Oliver and Sophie, tuned in on Saturday night to see Nicola Adams perform with Katya Jones and were surprised to find they all instantly became gay.

Nikki Bishop said: “It turns out all those people who make a fuss about watching non-traditional gender pairings on telly are right. You turn into a raging queer.

“When they first started dancing I’d never even considered I could bat for the other team. But the moment the judges started giving their scores I realised something had fundamentally changed within those two minutes.

“Martin and the kids said the same. Who would have thought you could absorb something as innate as a sexual preference simply through watching it with your eyeballs?

“We turned it off before Jamie Laing came on. We didn’t want to become posh twats from Chelsea too.”