Film ponce disgusted by people enjoying normal film at normal cinema

A FILM studies graduate cannot believe cinemagoers simply enjoyed a film that was entertaining and fun without being an intellectual twat about it.

Nathan Muir reluctantly saw superhero movie Black Panther with friends at a multiplex in Norwich, an experience that left him “artistically nauseated”.

Muir said: “The audience just sat there like idiots enjoying the action sequences and laughing at the funny bits. None of them seemed to be analysing the cinematography or mise en scene.

“It’s almost as if they just wanted to switch off their brains after a long week at work and enjoy themselves rather than sit there taking notes so you can sound clever afterwards.

“At one point I thought I recognised a nod to Italian neorealism but it was just a fat man standing in front of the screen as he went to buy another bucket of Pepsi.

“You wouldn’t get that at my dingy art cinema where everyone sits in silence thinking about how they’re going show off with their knowledge of narrative symmetry afterwards. That’s how you enjoy a film.”

Muir now intends to “cleanse his palate” by seeing a near-unwatchable Japanese independent film about a doomed love affair told through the eyes of a mosquito.