Fourth Indiana Jones 'was retraction of apology for second Indiana Jones'

INDIANA Jones and the Last Crusade was an apology for the second Indiana Jones and the fourth film was the withdrawal of that apology, Steven Spielberg has revealed.

The director felt it was necessary to say sorry to fans for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but then 20 years later thought, ‘fuck that, I’m Steven Spielberg’.

He added: “By then I’d made Schindler’s List and realised that I could never have been wrong about anything, but I had to find a way of making sure everyone knew just how much I regretted my first apology.

“At the premiere of Crystal Skull I just kept saying to myself, ‘who’s sorry now, you fuckers’.”


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Old Luke Skywalker to have really knackering lightsaber duel

THE next Star Wars film will feature a 61-year-old Luke Skywalker breaking off a lightsaber battle to have a sit down.

Skywalker will be seen running out of puff during an epic battle with Empire forces.

A Disney source says: “Old Luke’s all gung-ho about fighting some stormtroopers but he quickly becomes knackered.

“Then he’s all like, ‘give me a second guys, Jesus Christ’ and the Empire forces let him have a minute to get his breath back.”