Thursday, 6th May 2021

Friend wants you to watch show that only gets good in season seven

A FRIEND is trying to convince you to watch a programme that only starts to get interesting during its seventh season.

Despite it requiring a vast amount of tedious viewing to get to, friend Tom Booker is convinced you will enjoy the seventh season of a show he is desperate to talk about.

Booker said: “You can’t just jump in at season seven either. There’s lots of backstory and character development in the previous episodes that’s fundamental to your enjoyment of an otherwise dull show.

“It won’t take you long to reach it though. Each season only has 22 hour-long episodes in them, so if you start watching a couple a day it should only take about three months.

“Having said that, seasons eight through 14 are pretty dire too but once you’ve invested so much time in it you’ll want to know what happens in the end, so that’s well over another 100 hours down the drain too.”

Forwarding a link to season one, episode one, Booker added: “It’ll be worth it though because you’ll finally be able to understand what me and about 10 other people on the internet are talking about.”