Thursday, 13th May 2021

'I understand the f**king plot of the f**king film' woman gently reminds husband

A WOMAN has politely reassured her husband that she can follow what is going on in the film by herself, thank you very f**king much.

Donna Sheridan calmly shut down Martin Bishop as he explained what was going on in 2001: A Space Odyssey by shouting ‘It’s not as complicated as you think, you cretin.’

Sheridan said: “Martin always chooses something he thinks will make him look like an intellectual but this is just about an evil computer in space. It’s hardly Chekov.

“The only reason I might find it hard to understand is because he’s jabbering all over the dialogue, of which there’s barely any to begin with.

“He didn’t even get his head around the film by himself anyway. I heard him watching a YouTube video that explained the ending and he’s just repeating it word for word.

“It’s nearly as bad as the time we watched The Matrix and he paused it every couple of minutes to point out the symbolism, then got in a sulk when I pointed out the obvious stylistic influence of Ghost In The Shell.”