It’s wizards after all! says Rowling

J.K. ROWLING has revealed that her new book is actually called The Wizards of Poggly Boggle, and is not boring.

Gandalf might even be in it, said Rowling

As part of a devious marketing campaign, the glacial wizard book writer had pretended her latest work was going to be about local elections.

The ruse continued right until the book’s launch, as elated fans removed the bland-looking The Casual Vacancy dummy dustjackets to reveal a full-colour picture of a wizard shooting lightning out of a wand.

Rowling said: “I had you going with all that ‘literary’ stuff, didn’t I? Frankly I felt rather guilty when the so-called Casual Vacancy was announced and everyone’s faces just fell.

“But actually it’s wizards! LOADS AND LOADS OF WIZARDS!”

The Wizards of Poggly Boggle is about naughty young wizards having a competition to see who has the most wizard magic.

Rowling said: “There’s at least three wizards per page, and two monsters per chapter, and a talking shire horse called Ned Fetlock.

“You’ve never read a book with so many wizards in, it’s fucking brilliant.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to swear. I am after all a children’s writer. Specifically, a writer of children’s wizard books.”