Man ejected from festival for not being a flamboyant extrovert

A MAN who wore jeans instead of sparkly leggings to a festival was asked to leave, it has emerged.

Stephen Malley attended the Crazy Lazy Daze festival dressed as he usually would on an overcast weekend in August, but was told to go home by a man wearing a glittery poncho and a Native American headdress.

Malley, 31, said: “I arrived wearing clothes that I thought reasonably sensible for spending two days outdoors in the UK, like jeans, and a jumper in case it got nippy in the evening.

“But all the other men were wearing leggings with pictures of galaxies on and sequinned boleros, or unicorn horns and hot pink speedos.

“They all looked at me like I was some sort of bizarre freak of nature and said I’d have much more ‘festival fun’ if I rubbed a bit of glitter in my beard.

“I said I was just there for the music but they looked at me like I was somehow dangerous.”

Fellow festival attendee Tom Booker said: “If I saw a bloke wearing leggings down the pub I’d call him a big poof, but luckily I’ve got no sense of irony so I can really enjoy wearing them at festivals.”

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Female athletes' medals 78 per cent the size of male counterparts

MEDALS awarded to female Olympics athletes are slightly smaller than the ‘male’ version, it has been confirmed.

An Olympics spokesman said: “We strongly believe in equality, which is why we have ensured the ‘medal gap’ is exactly equal to the wage gap. No more, no less. That’s fair”

Despite male and female participants competing over the same distances, the Olympic Committee has chosen to observe custom and maintain the ratio of reward that women might get if they worked in an office.

Speaking before her event, runner Mary Fisher said: “At some point after running this 1500m race I may decide to have children, get married, or retire.

“It is right and proper that any medal I receive reflects that, by being smaller and having a less fancy design. Why wouldn’t it be?”