Man pats self on back for removing House of Cards from Netflix to-watch list

A MAN is feeling proud of himself after removing House of Cards from his Netflix ‘to watch’ list.

Wayne Hayes was inspired to make the courageous move after learning of the sexual harassment accusations levelled against the series’ star, Kevin Spacey.

He said: “I was pretty shocked by it all – I exhaled loudly and even shook my head a little bit.

“That’s when I realised I had to do something. So I deleted it from my list, and frankly it feels righteously good.”

Hates immediately drafted posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter informing followers of his decision.

He neglected to mention, however, that he was secretly quite relieved to remove the series from his televisual to-do list as it looked quite heavy going and he’d been putting it off for ages anyway.

However Hayes will still be watching The Usual Suspects on a semi-regular basis “because it’s a proper classic”.