Man still going on about meeting The Strokes 14 f**king years ago

A MAN who met The Strokes nearly 14 years ago still brings it up at the slightest opportunity.

Tom Booker met the band when they were touring their first album Is This It and has failed to move on with his life in any meaningful way.

Booker’s friend Stephen Malley said: “We were in a pub yesterday talking to the barmaid about the new Eddie Redmayne film, when all of sudden he asks her whether she likes ‘any New York bands’.

“What kind of question is that?”

He added: “She said she liked mostly Hip Hop and some techno, but generally looked quite baffled. I could see in his fucking eyes where he was going with it.”

Booker said: “The Strokes were a generation defining band. I first realised that when I hung out with them backstage at the Brixton Academy on March 28th, 2002.

“It was a chilly evening with just a hint of snow in the air…”