Man who insists London is best city in world mainly just sits around in his pants eating toast

A PROUD London resident who passionately argues his home city is better than Paris or New York spends all weekend watching television and eating toast. 

Julian Cook, from Crouch End, has not visited an art gallery, leading restaurant, the theatre or a concert venue since January, but still boasts about them to friends.

Colleague Emma Bradford said: “To hear Tom speak about London you’d presume he was a member at the Royal Academy, a regular at Fabric and was always journeying to Shoreditch for the latest pop-up Indonesian.

“I asked him for directions to the BFI the other day. He told me it he thought it was next to IKEA in Croydon.”

Cook said: “It’s a real thrill to know that any weekend I could be enjoying some of the finest  collections of art anywhere on the planet.

“It’s even more of a thrill to just sit around in my underpants instead.”