Manipulative boyfriends vote Danny Pink best Doctor Who companion

CONTROLLING boyfriends think Danny Pink is the all-time top Doctor Who companion, it has emerged.

Just likes to know where she is

A Radio Times poll found the character was popular with jealous males thanks to his constant attempts to stop girlfriend Clara doing any time travel.

Insecure 27-year-old Tom Logan said: “Danny’s great because he’s always hassling Clara about where she’s been or who she’s phoning, even if the human race is about to be wiped out.

“They should do an episode where the daleks come up with a foolproof plan for invading earth but Clara can’t help because Danny’s decided they’re staying in to watch a DVD.

“Or he could hide Clara’s shoes in a pathetic attempt to stop her leaving the house. That would be brilliant, especially if he starts making veiled threats to kill himself if she ever leaves him.”

Doctor Who fans are hotly debating their theories about Danny online, the most popular being that he is actually the Master, who never got over being dumped by Clara after they went out for a bit in a different timeline.

Showrunner Steven Moffat said: “I can reveal there are going to be some pretty exciting scenes in which Danny tries to undermine Clara’s confidence by criticising her hair and claiming she’s put on weight.

“Then he totally loses it and accuses her of sleeping with not just the Doctor, but also Robin Hood, Madame Vastra and the Skovox Blitzer, if you can bear to remember that Toys R Us nonsense.”

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Taylor Swift album has six songs about George Osborne

MORE than half of Taylor Swift’s new album is about her brief but tempestuous relationship with George Osborne.

Swift, who has previously written songs about ex-boyfriends Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and Transformers star Megatron, had a three-month fling with the Chancellor of the Exchequer earlier in the year.

Music blogger Mary Fisher said: “The guy with ‘thick black hair and a cruel lip’ in Love So Cold is clearly Osborne.

“But lyrics like ‘told me everything about our love made sense, now you avoid me like your constituents’ don’t paint a pretty picture.

“And by Eleven, about their secret meetings in Downing Street, she’s singing ‘I thought you could love an American girl, but you only had time for Russian men’.

“The chorus goes ‘I trusted you and turned it up to eleven, but your heart’s austerity is gonna end never.’ Harsh.

The Treasury has privately denied any link between the affair and Osborne’s surprise move to remove import duty and VAT on US tween country-pop in the March Budget.