Marvel to introduce first ever diverse storyline

MARVEL comics is to introduce a diverse storyline where the same old shit doesn’t happen.

The comics publisher said it felt a duty to represent the different kinds of story available to a modern audience, which perhaps feels alienated by incredibly repetitive sequences of events involving big fights.

A spokesman said: “There are so many under-represented story types. A young reader might think that the only thing that can ever happen in a comic is some people in leotards hitting each other because of something to do with a dimension gate.

“But these days people are increasingly accepting of originality, and don’t discriminate against new ideas. We should embrace that.”

11-year-old comics fan Stephen Malley said: “It’d be cool to see a Marvel film I couldn’t have written myself in 10 minutes.

“Also I would be comfortable with a superhero comic that isn’t weirdly convinced it is for grown-ups.”