Nobody told us she'd be from f**king Yorkshire, say outraged Doctor Who fans

DOCTOR Who fans are furious that the latest incarnation of the character is from Yorkshire.

New Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker has angered fans with her accent and her Tardis that looks like a rain-soaked terraced house. 

Fan Nathan Muir said: “No-one from Yorkshire can convincingly play an alien from a civilisation far more advanced than our own, or even equally as advanced. They haven’t even heard of Uber, except in Leeds where they think it’s a type of gravy.

Heartbeat. Emmerdale. Doctor Who. Is it just me, or does one of those not fit with the others?” 

However fan Donna Sheridan said: “It’s so refreshing to see Yorkshires being represented on television, but why isn’t her assistant a ferret?

“A clear-cut case of the BBC’s anti-mustelid bias.”

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'How I plan to be unbearable on my gap year'

By Tom Logan

I’m embarking on a life-changing gap year before doing a degree and then getting a job in finance or marketing. I need to make sure that as I travel the world over the next 12 months I am as dreadful as possible. Here’s my five point plan:

At Heathrow I will be wearing a bandana, a Kings of Leon t-shirt and a pair of maroon shorts my mum bought me. As soon as I arrive in Thailand I will buy a sarong or a pair of fisherman pants. I will be continually shirtless.

I will play David Bowie songs on every beach, in every hostel and in every bar, and I will play them on a ukelele.

Whether I am in Nepal, Sri Lanka or Chile, I will seek out people who are exactly like me. We will share profound spiritual experiences. If you are anywhere near us, we will make sure you are aware of us.

I will have my picture taken next to a leopard chained to a large concrete block. It should only cost me about 100 rupees and I may even get to play with the cubs.

I will submerge myself in local cultures by helping simple, honest people learn English. Key phrases will include: ‘as much as I can get for 30 dollars’, ‘burning sensation’ and ‘let’s keep this between ourselves’.