Six album covers you used to look at that had boobs on

WHEN you were a teenager and explicit content of any kind was hard to come by, there were always these six albums to help you through: 

Whipped Cream and Other Delights by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass

A nude woman, covered in whipped cream which coyly obscures her ample bosom, licking her finger? This album was certainly bought by your parents to play at swingers’ parties which pray to God they never actually had. Hopefully it never got played at all.

A Nice Pair by Pink Floyd

Cool, non-sexist hippies Pink Floyd, who believed very firmly in the emancipation of women and the end of their historic oppression, called a two-album compilation A Nice Pair and put a big pair of tits on the cover. The struggle against the patriarchy still had some way to go.

Electric Ladyland by the Jimi Hendrix Experience

The mother lode of boobs-on-vinyl had no less than 19 women, all naked, for a veritable smorgasbord of late-1960s nudity. Truly the finest moment of the gatefold sleeve. If you want something to listen to at the same time, the album inside has been consistently rated above-average.

Country Life by Roxy Music

Bryan Ferry made it from working-class Geordie to aristocrat in a decade, and all because he put sexy ladies on his album covers. This is generally agreed by 13-15-year-olds going through their dad’s record collection to be the highlight.

Cut by The Slits

If you found this around the house then somebody was a serious connoisseur of the post-punk scene, and if they’ve still got it now it’s worth a fair amount. Not that you cared as a callow youth smuggling it up to your bedroom for a spiky New Wave wank.

Surfer Rosa by Pixies

Hard to believe now, but teens were still hard up for erotic content right up to the end of the 80s. A topless woman in arty black-and-white, even if it was on an overdesigned cover for an alternative rock band on a renowned indie label, would have done the job.

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MDMA not great for social distancing, party reports

A PARTY has acknowledged that if you want to keep up social distancing, MDMA is not the right drug. 

Jordan Gardner attended a socially distanced party yesterday and advised anyone doing the same to choose another illegal substance if they want to remain Covid-free.

He continued: “I had some MDMA left over from the cancelled Disclosure gig and I hadn’t seen my mates in ages, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to feel the love.

“But while I was feeling fantastic and wanting to get really tactile, when they saw a red-faced, sweating man lurching toward them, arms wide for a hug, their eyes widened in terror and they backed away like I was the walking dead.

“It’s not really the same, telling your mate Si you love them and it’s you and him against the world and wow this tune from two metres away, outdoors. Also I’m told my dancing was over-exuberant.”

Host Hannah Tomlinson said: “Stick to another drug. Ket’s fine because you just sit in a corner, and the weed smokers love it because they’ve finally got the perfect excuse not to share.

“But if you really want to be paranoid, hyper-aware of who’s near you and making sure they keep too far away to share bodily fluids or your drugs, coke’s the one.”