Son laughs as father plays him Stone Roses album


A 45-YEAR-OLD man was laughed at when he tried to explain The Stone Roses to his son.

Following rumours of a new album from the band, Stephen Malley excitedly played The Stone Roses’s debut record to his 13-year-old son Jason, who found it to be hilariously poor.

When his father explained that no, the clumsy turntable device was not malfunctioning, Jason emitted a sustained belly laugh, only stopping when Malley insisted he would have to play She Bangs The Drums again so he could hear it properly.

Malley said: “I told him Ian Brown was a god to us and that we flocked in our thousands to Spike Island. He looked at me like I was a member of some fourth century sub-pagan sect who gathered in a field to worship a gourd.

“He said something about their pitiful narcissistic tendencies which I must admit made me rethink a bit my theory about how superior my generation is to his.

“I told him this was one of the great dance/rock crossover albums. He then challenged me to dance to I Am the Resurrection and I did a sort of shuffling jig.

“Then I took off the record and stormed upstairs to my room.”