Friday, 6th December 2019

Star Wars trailer heralds start of nerd mating season

THE mating season for nerds has begun early with the release of the new Star Wars trailer.

Nerd mating usually starts at the beginning of June at the Download Festival, but the new trailer has left them unable to contain their desires.

Star Wars fan and IT expert, Martin Bishop, said: “As soon as I saw it, I messaged the girl I've been talking to online for the last four months and said 'Are these the droids you are looking for?' and she knew exactly what I meant.'

Sci-fi fan Mary Fisher said: “I just had to message my husband and say 'Meet me in the Dagobah System in 30 minutes'.

“And my boss at the IT company I work for just said 'May the force be with you' with a knowing wink and a smile’.

She added: “We’re going to call the baby ’Admiral Ackbar’.”