Sunday, 27th September 2020

Jeremy Kyle Show to switch to posh people

JEREMY Kyle has confirmed his ITV daytime show will now focus on severely dysfunctional families from Britain’s aristocracy. 

The presenter plans to dodge criticism by refocusing his daytime show on people who have horrendously messy relationships, treat their children abominably and own properties worth tens of millions of pounds.

He said: “Have you ever spoken to a posh person about their life? Exactly like all my old guests, except against a background of gilded opulence.

“They marry people they hate, they have affairs with other people they hate, they send their children off to be raised by sadistic maniacs, and their drug use is simply astonishing.

“I’d always worried that the fucked-up posh were too unrelatable for a mass audience, but after the rapturous reaction to Fleabag I think I’ll be fine.”

Lady Caroline Wolmsley-Etherington, who appears on Kyle’s show next Monday, said: “My caption is going to be ‘Sleeping with father-in-law to get her hands on his grouse estate’.

“I’m so excited. It’s going to be tremendous fun.”