Sunday, 27th September 2020

New character on The Archers sounds suspiciously like Nigel Farage

RADIO 4 listeners have complained that a new character on long-running soap The Archers sounds a lot like Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. 

Hamish Agrafe, an agricultural tools salesman who has just moved to Ambridge, spends very little time working and an excessive amount of time complaining to other characters about European elites stifling British vision, listeners have complained.

Fan Susan Traherne said: “First he embarked on a rant about how the unignorable economic benefits of leaving the EU without a deal when Pip Archer was just trying to settle the baby.

“Then he turned up in the Bull buying pints and lecturing the regulars about sticking up for the common man, even though he was clearly landed gentry.

“He spoke entirely in platitudes and outright lies which made him a pretty unbelievable character even for Borsetshire. Then I recognised his empty rhetoric from Question Time and realised it was bloody Farage.

“Apparently he’s being written out straight after the European elections, in a hastily-assembled plot where Jazzer kills him in a drug deal gone wrong and feeds him to the Bridge Farm pigs. Typical Archers.”

A BBC spokesman said: “It won’t happen again. Now have you met Radio 1’s latest star, DJ NoDeal?”