Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

Wedding band decides time is right for one of their own songs

A WEDDING band is under the wild delusion that the drunken crowd they are performing for wants to hear one of their original compositions. 

The Matrimonators, a band specialising in swing versions of popular classics, have been going down so well that they have decided to wow everyone with a song they play in their other incarnation as A Thousand Times Yes.

Lead singer Joe Turner said: “I’m A Believer’s warmed them up. Now it’s time to set the place on fire with Love Attack Squadron, the lead track from our upcoming digital EP.

“You might assume that a wedding crowd just wants to hear Elvis songs and Young Hearts Run Free, and you'd be right to a pretty large degree.”

“But I’m a pretty good judge of a crowd’s mood and these guys seem to me like they’re open to something a little bit different, something they don’t know all the words to.

“The drummer gets a break because it’s a percussionless tone poem, and while a lot of the guests did sit down or start heckling at least they were listening. And in the end, isn’t that all that matters?”

Drummer Martin Bishop said: “I agree with the crowd and not just because I'm now part of them.”