Colleague’s ‘friendly reminder’ has surprisingly unfriendly tone 

A FRIENDLY email reminder is actually quite hostile, it has emerged. 

Sales manager Mary Fisher sent an office-wide email, flagged as ‘urgent’ and titled ‘Friendly reminder: disgusting foods in communal fridge’.

The email read: “Just a friendly reminder for everyone to stop leaving their horrible, smelly food in the shared fridge. The fridge is for milk and sealed lunches only, not your hideous home-cooked concoctions.

“I’ve spent my whole morning throwing out so-called ‘food’. I couldn’t even tell what some of it was supposed to be and I wouldn’t care to find out. Vile.

“Thank you and have a lovely day.”

Colleague Emma Bradford said: “I watched her write that email. She actually typed ‘you vile, pig-like little fuckers’ at the end but then deleted it.”